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geriatrician dr in oro valley az

Akash S. Taggarse, MD



Scope of care & organization of Oro Valley Medicine, LLC 

Oro Valley Medicine believes that individuals in the community are entitled to adequate and effective health care services within contained cost. Furthermore, the department believes those who require health care services are entitled to competent care encompassing physical and emotional needs. It is also our philosophy that significant others are to be considered during the course of the

patient's treatment.


Oro Valley Medicine goals and intentions are to provide optimal patient care safely and effectively. This shall be done in a manner designed to improve quality of care, and to ensure continuing education of staff in an integral part of current practice. Of utmost importance is the development of favorable patient outcomes.


Scope of services provided by Oro Valley Medicine are minor treatments not requiring an in-hospital admission. Basic clinical interventions are provided by the nursing staff and physician and include the following:

Ongoing nursing assessments, planning, evaluation

  • Patient education

  • Standard therapeutic modalities.

  • Medication administration

The competency of the nursing staff of Oro Valley Medicine is proven through:

  1. Evidence of updated licensure through the State of Arizona

  2. Evidence of continuing education

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