NEW! Video Chat Medical Consultation Service

Discuss your personal medical concerns privately, online with Dr. Taggarse

Our video chat system protects patient privacy and offers the convenience of an online video chat, right from your own computer, smartphone or tablet/iPad device!
geriatrician dr in oro valley az
geriatrician dr in oro valley az
geriatrician dr in oro valley az
Click on button below to activate the online video chat!
Online Medical Video Chat Facilitated by
geriatrician dr in oro valley az
What is online video chat?
Our medical practice uses, a service that allows private doctors to consult with patients online through a secure, private connection. Also called, "tele-medicine," online conference calling with your doctor is a convenient way to get medical information & advice directly from your doctor over a secure internet connection.
Can anyone request an online video chat with Dr. Taggarse?
Only current patients of Oro Valley Medicine are eligible to participate in online chat with Dr. Taggarse.
Is there a fee for this service?
No. is free for patients. There is no requirement to register - just click the button to request a chat.
Is this service available only during business hours?
When you click on the video activation link, the screen will tell you if Dr. Taggarse is available. We recommend using this service during regular office hours. If Dr. Taggarse is with a patient, there will be a notice that the doctor is offline.
Who has access to our chat? Is it secure?
Only Dr. Taggarse & the patient have access to the active chat. complies with all HIPAA regulations. 
If you have additional questions about or our online medical video chat service, please contact our office.